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(1880 - 1955)


Hüseyin Saadettin Arel was born in Istanbul in 1880; composer, writer, lawyer, musicologist, President of the Ottoman State Council, Turkish Philharmonic and Turkish Lawyers Association. The son of Kazasker Mehmet Emin is the son-in-law of the Grand Vizier N.Abdurrahman Pasha. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1906 with the first prize. He published the Şehbal magazine in 1908. He was a member of the Undersecretariat of Public Prosecutor's Office of the Tanzimat District and worked as a lawyer for a long time. Hüseyin Saadettin Arel is more widely known as one of the founders of the Turkish music theoretic system than the legal profession. With Suphi Ezgi, he has established the sound system of the Turkish Music today and has put the Turkish Music into a disciplined sound system.


Hüseyin Sadettin Arel founded the Music Magazine in 1948 and the magazine continued as a publication organ of the Advanced Turkish Music Conservatory, which was founded by Arel in the near half of the publication. Arel was at the head of the magazine during the 87 issue publication, starting from the first issue to the death.


Hüseyin Saadettin Arel, who wrote many books of Turkish music, was a musicologist who knew western music well. In the 1930's, he pointed out that Westernization in Turkey can drag our traditional music to the second plan and defended so our cultural heritage with his article with the famous title "WHOSE IS TURKISH MUSIC?".  Arel has an important role in the clarification of sound system researches with a certain method and the use of western notation for our traditional music.


Hüseyin Sadettin Arel composed more than 3000 works, many of them were not understood due to technical difficulty and could not be played. His most known works are 'Wedding House', 'Fani Hayat' and 'Mini Mini Nihavend Peşrev'. Arel died on 6 May 1955 in Istanbul.

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