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The foundation of the "Association of Advanced Turkish Music Conservatory" (1948), which was established during a period when the Turkish Music lacked state support and therefore lacked formal education, provided two main objectives.

          1) To establish and spread the system of '' Arel-Ezgi-Uzdilek '' which eliminates the complexity of the theoretical narration of the Turkish Music and is easily explained and understood and recreates terminology.

         2) To work on the formation of contemporary Turkish music without apart from the tradition in the future.

Studies conducted in this regard with these aims have been carried out with big self devotion, magazines and books have been published, competitions have been organized, radio-TV broadcasts have been made and hundreds of young people have been educated  seriously in order to reach an academic approach in the music. Nowadays, with many established conservatories, organized education has started to be continued successfully in state and foundation universities. This necessitated the re-identification of the associations' mission.

Today, '' Advanced Turkish Music Conservatory Association '' performs modest activities in line with its organizational goals and provides traditional and current / uptodate music education to its members correctly and in high quality. By presenting to music lovers the opportunity to give them concerts regularly, '' Advanced Turkish Music Conservatory Association '' is carrying out its non-formal education tasks consciously and carefully, and by opening up to the World to introduce our culture to other countries with intensive efforts very willingly.

It is one of our greatest goal now, to wave our flag in other countries with activities in glory and civilization. We believe for this in inter-communal co-operation.

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